Eco-Friendly Carpets

Oct 30, 2020

With many of our customers wanting to do their bit for the environment, we thought it would be useful to go through the different sustainable carpet options we offer.  It’s great that many of our manufacturers use eco-friendly, renewable materials with a low carbon footprint so we can offer a wide choice of sustainable floor coverings.

Sedna by Associated Weavers

The Sedna range by Associated Weavers is an eco-friendly carpet which is also soft, durable and luxurious underfoot.  It is made from Econyl, a new nylon yarn which is used to make a variety of sustainable products including clothing and carpets. A woman swimming in the ocean with a turtle The story behind this range is fascinating as they partner with the Healthy Seas organisation to collect old fishing nets from deep in the ocean and turn them into carpets.  Doing this helps save thousands of sea creatures such as turtles, dolphins and seals every year who would otherwise get stuck in the nets. It is made from other recycled waste materials too, such as old carpets, and the Sedna textile backing is made from recycled plastic bottles. Find out how this eco-friendly carpet is made by watching this short video :

SmartStrand Forever Clean

Lano Carpets produce a carpet which is not only sustainable but has built-in stain protection and a nanotechnology spill shield.   The SmartStrand Forever Clean was the first bio-based carpet which is partly composed of renewable plant-based materials which minimise our natural resource usage. SmartStrand fibres are made with 37% natural starch, which makes it the most environmentally-friendly yarn available today.  It is made of a unique fibre called PTT or Triexta which is similar to nylon or polyester.  The petroleum which is usually used in carpet manufacture has been replaced with biodegradable corn glucose, a renewable resource.

Eco-friendly underlay

Once your carpet is sorted, your sustainable flooring doesn’t end there!  There is a wide choice of eco-friendly underlays, and many of our range are made from recycled materials.  They are also recyclable at the end of their life, which makes it a super eco-friendly option. A child lifting up a carpet to reveal the Springbond eco friendly flooring underlay One of our popular underlays is the Springbond product which is made by manufacturer Textfelt.  It’s an eco-engineered underlay with 85% of its material made from single-use plastic including recycled plastic bottles.  They say that an average home could reuse 900 bottles in its underlay, and the Springbond product is flame resistant and contains no harmful VOCs.  This means that air quality is improved throughout the home, and this comfortable underlay also boasts excellent acoustic properties to reduce sound levels. You can watch how the Springbond underlay is produced in the short video below: Another underlay with a low carbon footprint is the range from Ball & Young, whose Cirrus, Nimbus and Cumulus boasting an A+ energy rating.

Crumb rubber underlay

We also offer crumb rubber underlay which is made from recycled old tyres.  We stock the Duralay range who are responsible for recycling 3 million tyres every year, and what’s more the underlay can be recycled again at the end of its life.

Other environmentally-friendly underlays

PU foam underlay is another type which is made from recycled materials.  It is generated from ‘trim’, which is the waste from furniture makers and the automotive industry, their unused sofa and cushion foam.  Felt underlay is made from recycling the fibres in jute, wool, synthetics and hair, and we recommend the Natural Hair & Wool Mix from Culpeck. It’s good to know we can all play a part in saving the planet.  Small actions can have a massive global impact, such as using less single-use plastic, fewer disposable masks and eating more plant-based meals.  And next time you need new flooring, talk to Craig Sargeant about which of our eco-friendly options will work for your home, and the planet! You can call Craig on 01243 868888 or email

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