Our guide to the best stair carpet

Apr 30, 2021

Choosing the best stair carpet is an important decision as it’s an area of the home which gets lots of traffic.  You will need a stair carpet which is hardwearing but also looks nice, as it is used by the whole family (including pets!) many times each day.

Our guide to the best stair carpet is based on our decades of experience and we share some of our portfolio to show you what’s possible for this vital area of the home.

What type of carpet makes the best stair carpet?

The best stair carpets are both practical and hardwearing.  You should look for something which is stain resistant, easy to clean and durable.  Carpets with a low pile work really well on stairs, and make them safe and stable to use.  You can read more about the different types of carpet pile in our guide here.

Bleach cleanable carpets are a great choice for stairs, and this polypropylene twist from Cormar Carpets’ Primo Choice range is suitable for heavy domestic use. 

View down stairs fitted with a polypropylene twist, bleach cleanable carpet.
We fitted this smart and practical grey carpet on a staircase

A heather shade can be a practical choice as the subtle blend of colours hides flecks of dirt.  Striped carpets also look fantastic and also camouflage dust and stains.

If you prefer a softer, more luxurious finish then the Cormar Carpets Sensation Original range works really well. It is a saxony carpet made from 100% Luxelle Polypropylene which is dirt and stain resistant, and is bleach cleanable.

We supplied and fitted this flight of stairs in a light, creamy beige which looks lovely and is easy to maintain.

View up a flight of stairs fitted with a light grey polypropylene saxony carpet with a lovely soft pile.

Striped stair carpets

We have fitted many different striped carpets on stairs and they are a great choice for a stylish finish.  The Panache range by Adam Carpets is a 2-ply velvet tufted carpet which is extremely functional and looks great.

Here is the Mellow colour from the Panache range that we fitted on stairs.

Of stair treads covered with a velvet tufted carpet by Adams Carpets in a neutral striped colour

Here is another that we supplied and fitted from the Panache range, this time in the Zing colourway.  It looks stunning as a runner, with exposed wood either side.

View of stairs with wooden edges and blue, white and beige stripy carpet runner by Adam Carpets' Panache range in Zing colour (code PN03)Adam-Carpets-Panache-range-Zing-PN03)

We fitted these stylish stairs with a 3 ply British wool heavy domestic brown striped carpet from Hugh Mackay’s Deco range.   It is a natural wool loop and its tight loop construction makes it perfect for heavy traffic areas in the home.

View of the bottom of a flight of stairs fitted with a 3 ply British wool heavy domestic brown stripy carpet from the Hugh Mackay range.

If you like the idea of a striped stair but would prefer a more neutral finish then the Boucle Neutrals range from Cormar Carpets might fit the bill.  Made from 50% pure new wool in a wool rich loop pile, it is suitable for extra heavy domestic use.

The Boucle Neutrals stripe carpet fitted on a flight of stairs
A striped design from the Boucle Neutral range by Cormar Carpets

Another of Cormar’s striped ranges is the Avebury Stripe, which is a quality 100% wool loop pile carpet.  It is extremely durable and is suitable for extra heavy use.  It can be paired with the plain Avebury shades elsewhere in the home, to give a uniform colour palette.

This bright hallway features a flight of stairs fitted with Cormar Carpets’ Avebury striped carpet in their Stanton colour.

Bright hallway with flight of stairs fitted with Cormar Carpets Avebury Striped carpet in Stanton colour.
Cormar’s Avebury Stripe

This modern stripe is from Adam Carpets’ Pinstripe range, which is a tufted carpet made from 80% premium UK wool.  It is constructed from a 2-ply twist and velvet yarn which is highly durable and offers outstanding performance.  The range features six colourways including the Trinity, shown here.

A view down stairs fitted with a stripy carpet from the Pinstripe range by Adam Carpets
Adam Carpets’ Pinstripe range

Best stair carpet for runners

If you have wooden treads which you want to expose, then we can fit a runner rather than covering the whole stairs.  Using a runner gives you the best of both worlds as you have the noise reduction properties of the carpet coupled with a stylish wooden stair.  

Runners can be combined with stair rods to give an elegant finish.  The rods are mainly for aesthetics but can also help keep the carpet in place.  Stair rods are available in many different designs and finishes, from traditional antique brass to more contemporary chrome and black.   

Many of our stair rods are supplied from Stair Rods UK, who have a vast range of designs to suit all tastes.

We fitted this Westex Carpets carpet from their Ultima Major range using a brass stair rod.  It gives a really neat finish and keeps the runner in place perfectly.  This carpet is an 80% wool, 20% nylon mix and has stain resistance and moth proofing treatments applied.

Closeup view of a wooden stair tread fitted with gold coloured wool/nylon pile moth proof carpet runner.
View down a staircase fitted with gold coloured wool/nylon pile moth proof carpet.

A patterned carpet also works well on stairs and helps to camouflage dirt and soiling.  This brown patterned Axminster carpet is by Hugh Mackay in Country Oak from the Nature’s Own range, with antique bronze stair rods by Stairods UK.

We supplied and fitted this pure new wool neutral carpet which has whipped edge runners and looks perfect in this beach house.  It’s by Brockway Carpets from their Cavendish range.

Beige carpet with whipped edge runners fitted by Sargeant Carpets in a beach house.

Best carpet for open stair treads

If you have open treads then we can cover part of these too, to create a practical and safe, slip-resistant staircase.  In a busy family home, wooden stairs can be extremely noisy so it makes sense to fit a suitable carpet.

We fitted the wooden treads shown here with a neutral grey carpet from Telenzo’s Kings Cross range.  The Kings Cross carpets are made from a 3-ply 100% wool which is treated with Scotchguard to reduce stains.  The carpet also features a pile retention guarantee to keep it looking new for longer. 

Open tread stairs fitted with a grey carpet from the Telenzo Kings Cross range in stone.
Open tread stairs fitted with a grey wool carpet from the Telenzo Kings Cross range in stone.

Make a statement with your stair carpet!

Your hallway is often the first thing that visitors will see so why not make a statement with your stair carpet?   We love this zig-zag striped carpet that we fitted in the hall and stairs.  It’s by Hugh Mackay from their Deco collection and looks stunning with the pink front door.

View of an open bright pink front door into a hallway fitted with a zig zag stripy carpet by Hugh Mackay from their deco collection in Notting Hill

Here’s another example of a statement staircase which we supplied and fitted.  This hot pink carpet is from the Carousel range by Condor Carpets and looks gorgeous with the wooden skirting board and balustrade.  It is a twist pile carpet made from 100% polypropylene which is hardwearing and designed to withstand heavy cleaning.

View up some stairs with wooden skirting board and carpet from the Kaleidoscope Carpet in Ruby pink

Carpet Advice

We hope this guide to the best stair carpet has given you plenty of ideas.  If you’re considering a stair makeover then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Capets a call.  He will be able to advise which would work best for your requirements and budget. 

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email sales@sargeantcarpets.co.uk or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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