How to choose the best bedroom carpet for your home

Nov 29, 2021

There are so many different pile types and styles for bedroom carpets available so choosing one can be tricky.

We would recommend drawing up a list of your requirements to narrow down the choice.  Factors to consider include:

  • Tog rating and insulation needs.
  • How soft you would like it to feel underfoot.
  • Which style you prefer, contemporary or traditional.
  • Durability.
  • Whether you prefer plain or patterned.
  • Whether noise reduction is important to you.
  • How easy it is to clean.
  • Whether it is mothproof.
  • What is your budget?

With over 30 years’ experience in supplying and fitting carpets, Craig Sargeant can offer his expert advice to help with this tricky decision.  Offering products from the top UK and European carpet manufacturers, Craig can offer something for everyone, no matter what your requirements.

Choosing a bedroom carpet with insulation in mind

When looking at bedroom carpets, do check the tog rating.  Insulation is extremely important nowadays from an environmental point of view.  With rising energy prices, you want to ensure that any heat that is generated within the home doesn’t escape through the floors!

This is especially important if the bedroom is above a garage which is typically unheated, and therefore will be cold compared with other rooms in the house.

Another factor to consider for insulation is whether you live in a house, bungalow or flat.  Craig will be able to advise how carpets can keep your home cosy, no matter what type of property it is.

Check the tog rating for a cosy bedroom carpet

Choosing a higher tog rating for your bedroom carpet and underlay will provide the best insulation, to keep the room as cosy as possible.  Some of our underlays provide tog ratings of over 3, such as the Cloud 9 Cumulous 11mm or the Tredaire Dreamwalk 11mm.

However, if you have underfloor heating then it is recommended that the tog rating for the carpet and underlay combined should be less than 2.5 to ensure that the heating systems operate as efficiently as possible.  You should check with your heating supplier what the best tog rating is for their particular system to ensure it operates at the optimum thermal conductivity for your home.

Ulster Carpets manufacture this woven Axminster which provides a decent tog rating of 1.7.  It is an 80% wool, 20% nylon mix and is shown in the Dune colour from the Scroll design.  Wool is a natural insulator so choosing a carpet with a high wool content will keep your bedroom nice and cosy.

A bedroom with a cream coloured bed and furniture with patterned beige carpet

Choosing a soft bedroom carpet

Compared with other rooms in the house, you’re more likely to walk around barefoot in your bedroom so choosing a nice soft carpet will make it really comfortable.

Choosing a good quality underlay will also help make a bedroom carpet really soft underfoot.

A velvet carpet gives a luxurious finish and provides irresistible comfort and a lustrous appearance.  Manufacturers such as Brintons and Westex supply velvet ranges which feature soft, dense piles and are highly durable.

The Silken Velvet range from Westex comes in three styles, the Debonair, Chic and Vogue and a wide range of 40 plain colours.  They all score the highest possible luxury rating from BS EN 1307, the European Standard for the classification of all textile floor coverings.

Bedroom with grey walls, grey carpet and white bed with pink bedding and curtains.

Which style of bedroom carpet do you prefer?

Everyone has different tastes but luckily bedroom carpets are available in a vast range of styles and colours to suit your home décor.

We find that young families prefer modern colours whereas mature couples favour a pattern, fleck or texture design.  Luckily, we can cater for all tastes, including great value contemporary, on-trend colourways as well as high quality, durable carpets with a traditional pattern.

Here are some of the different design options we supply.

Striped bedroom carpet

Striped carpets are very popular and work really well in bedrooms, especially children’s rooms and nurseries.  For example, this gorgeously colourful option from Adam Carpets is from their Panache range, in the Boutique colourway.

Bright and cheerful child's bedroom fitted with a stripy carpet from the Panache range by Adam Carpets

Brintons Carpets offer a quality woven Axminster in this subtle stripe in its Pure Living range.  This colourway is Coastal Cord and looks lovely in a bedroom setting.

Bedroom with neutral walls and soft furnishings and pale striped carpet

Traditional and Contemporary Patterns

Ulster Carpets supply a wide range of patterned bedroom carpets.  Their Anatolia range includes this traditional Persian design which features interlacing medallions.  It has a high tog rating of 1.7 and is available in 13 colourways.

Bedroom with white furniture and patterned scroll Persian-style carpet.

Ulster’s Blossom range features a floral pattern and is shown below in the Camellia shade.  It works really well in a traditional bedroom style and is another 80% wool, 20% nylon woven Axminster.  It is extremely durable and suitable for heavy domestic wear, and is available in a wide range of widths up to 4.57m (15’).

Bedroom with sloped ceiling, brass bed, white bedding, grey flowery carpet and orange occasional chairs.

Brintons Carpets offer a Laura Ashley collection which has some beautiful designs including the Iona in Duck Egg, shown below.  This carpet has a high tog value of 2.01 and is suitable for extra heavy domestic wear. 

Bedroom with grey walls, cream furniture and grey patterned carpets

Plain bedroom carpets

If you prefer a plain bedroom carpet then our manufacturers supply a vast range of shades, so they will match any colour scheme you have chosen for your room.

Neutral bedroom carpets

Many of our customers choose a neutral bedroom carpet that contrasts with vibrant curtains and other soft furnishings.  Cormar Carpets are extremely popular and supply long-lasting, practical bedroom carpets in a variety of greys, creams and beige shades.

For example, their Sensation Heathers range features a soft, deep pile which combines two colours to create a tonal effect.  It is a heavyweight carpet which is easy to care for as it is stain-resistant and ideal for bedrooms.

A bedoom with pink and blue soft furnishings, dark blue walls and grey carpet

Vibrant bedroom carpets

You can create a bold statement in your bedroom with an on-trend shade such as a deep blue, red or pink.  Shades of aubergine, lime and yellow are predicted to be popular in 2022 and our suppliers offer carpets to suit these colourways.

The Castlemead Twist range from Adam Carpets features 60 colours, including shades such as Yellow Submarine, the pink of Strawberry Fair and Raspberry Sorbet and teal of Rich Paradise.  It is extremely robust and will stay looking better for longer thanks to its two-ply twist construction.

Bedroom with white occasional chairs, silver chest of drawers, purple walls and paler lilac carpet

Here is the Castlemead Twist in the Wiltshire Heather shade.

The Bell Twist range by Brintons Carpets is available in 67 colours.  This is a woven Wilton carpet which is suitable for extra heavy domestic use, and is extremely hardwearing.

The shades below are (l-r) Japanese Sun, Manhatten Red and Windermere Lake from the same range.

three carpet swatch colours in yellow, red and blue

The best durable bedroom carpets

We have already discussed some of the more durable carpets, which include woven Axminsters and Wiltons.  These make great bedroom carpets as they will still look lovely in 5, 10 or 15 years time.  They are made from a traditional wool construction which is built to last. 

Alternatively, the Invictus range boasts an invincible comfort which combines a rich texture with superior stain resistance.  Shown below in the Charcoal shade, the Invictus Orion collection features a 17.5mm pile which is perfect for bedrooms, offering practicality as well as a sumptuous finish.

Bedroom with double bed and grey bedding, beige walls and grey carpet

Consider noise reduction when choosing a bedroom carpet

Many of our customers are from households where noise considerations are vital when choosing a bedroom carpet.  Acoustic and decibel ratings are available for carpets and underlay, and Craig can advise which collections would be better from a noise reduction perspective.

Carpets can help reduce the noise from footsteps as well as ambient noise, for example from water pipes.

Noise can be a huge issue in a busy family home, for example if children are upstairs playing music or on gaming consoles, causing a struggle for Mum and Dad to hear the TV!

If a bedroom is above the garage, early morning noise from cars or motorbikes can filter upstairs and wake up other members of the family.  Or if someone is doing some DIY at the weekend then the rest of the household might not appreciate the disturbance if they’re having a lie-in!

If you are concerned about making a noise and irritating your neighbours downstairs in a block of flats then choosing the right acoustic-reducing carpet and underlay can make a huge difference.

The easiest bedroom carpets to clean

If you’re worried about spills and stains when choosing a bedroom carpet then we offer many different solutions.  Pets can also bring dirt in from outdoors which transfers around the home, including bedrooms!

Many of our manufacturers offer stain-resistance warranties, so as long as you follow their guidelines for looking after your carpet then you will have peace of mind should it get dirty.

Many modern carpets are bleach-cleanable and this should be done immediately if possible.  You can blot the stain using a kitchen towel and then clean it with a damp cloth.  You should always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines because each type of carpet will be cared for in a different way.

Cormar Carpets offer ranges which are made from polypropylene yarns, offering super stain resistance and can be cleaned with a solution of bleach.  The Apollo Elite collection is just one example of their range which offers a heavyweight stain-resistant carpet.  It comes in heather and plain shades and would be perfect for a child’s bedroom.

A child's playroom with blue tent, table and chair and storage with deep orange walls and grey carpet in the Grey Partridge colour.

Abingdon Flooring is another manufacturer which offers practical ranges to resist everything family life has to throw at them.  The Maximus carpet is thick, dense and extremely tough.  It comes with a wear warranty and is made from stain-resistant polypropylene.  It’s ideal for a bedroom and is shown below in the Chantilly shade.

Child's bedroom with single bed, pale pink walls, toys on the floor and pale pink carpet

Does your bedroom carpet need to be mothproof?

If customers are concerned about carpet moths then we can supply carpets which have levels of mothproofing built in.  No product which contains wool can be totally moth ‘proof’ but many are treated with an insect-resisting agent which will protect them against some damage.

Regular vacuuming will help prevent carpet moths and you must make sure you go underneath furniture, around radiator pipes and behind sofas.

We have an excellent article with mothproofing tips which will help prevent them ruining your carpet and dealing with an infestation.

This beautiful carpet from Furlong Flooring is from their Trident Pastelle range.  As well as being moth proof it is also easy to care for and stain resistant.

A smart bedroom with neutral shades of decor and a plain charcoal grey carpet

Choosing a bedroom carpet when you have a tight budget

There are various reasons where price is important when choosing a bedroom carpet.  Many customers change their carpets regularly when they update their home décor.  As new colour trends become popular it’s nice to coordinate your flooring with the rest of the room.

If you’re just starting out on the housing ladder then money might be tight so you want to get the best value from a new bedroom carpet.

Sargeant Carpets supplies carpets for all budgets and you don’t need to skimp on quality if price is a consideration.

Bedroom carpet advice.

If you’d like to speak to Craig Sargeant for advice on choosing a bedroom carpet then you can email him using or send him a WhatsApp message on 07789 172303.

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