The Advantages Of Wool Carpets

Sep 26, 2021

There are many advantages in buying wool carpets, both from environmental and performance points of view.  In this post we delve into the reasons you might consider a wool carpet and we showcase some of our favourites.

Environmental advantages of wool carpets

As consumers become more aware of the environment and are keen to make eco-friendly purchases, the decision to buy a wool carpet is a no-brainer.  Wool is a perfectly natural resource and man has been using it sustainably for thousands of years.  It is 100% natural and as shearing is a regular annual activity it means that every year a new supply of wool is available for the carpet industry.

Wool is energy efficient in the home too, and also during the manufacturing process.

At the end of its life, wool is biodegradable and composts easily, helping to enrich the soil.  As it breaks down it produces nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water, all of which are essential plant nutrients.

Wool carpets are durable and practical

Wool is stronger and more resilient than any manmade fibres.  Wool carpets are built to last, and although they may cost slightly more at the point of sale, they will outlive their synthetic competitors.

Wool carpets maintain their appearance over time, with natural ‘bounce-back’ qualities to avoid the pile becoming flattened.  Wool can stretch and compress, like a coiled spring, which means it returns to its original shape after being flattened. 

Wool carpets are ideal for high traffic areas in the home, like this example that we fitted in a beach house.  It is from Brockway Carpets, from their Cavendish range.

Beige carpet with whipped edge runners fitted by Sargeant Carpets in a beach house.

Wool carpets have an inbuilt resistance to soiling too, and will repel spills initially.  Regular vacuuming will keep the carpet looking good and a quick blot with an absorbent cloth or paper towel will deal with any liquid spillages.

Wool carpets provide comfort underfoot

Wool carpets are soft and warm underfoot, giving a luxurious feel to the home.  They are a natural insulator, helping with overall energy efficiency by improving heat retention.  Wool carpets also reduce noise pollution by absorbing sounds, cushioning footsteps and minimising echo.

A lovely example of a pure natural wool carpet is the one below, manufactured by Westex Carpets.   It is from their Pure Luxury Wool range and is made from two-fold tufted yarn to give a sumptuous appearance with a lovely deep pile.  You can see more of their range in our Westex supplier spotlight.

Safety features of wool carpets

Wool is a naturally fire-retardant material, with a slow ignition rate which self-extinguishes within seconds in safety tests.  Wool carpets also reduce static electricity, so will limit static electric shocks which can be annoying.

Wool also improves air quality by absorbing humidity as well as indoor airborne toxins.  The scales on the surface of wool carpets holds fine dust until it is hoovered, which reduces fine particles in the atmosphere.  It is therefore a brilliant natural anti-allergy fibre, and is not a food source for dust mites. 

The natural softness of wool also protects against injury, both for the young and elderly, cushioning their falls. 

The best quality wool carpets

Wool carpets are typically made from quality British and New Zealand wool.  British wool is particularly resilient, with a lovely texture and heather shades.  New Zealand wool is softer and ideal for lighter, plain shades.

Axminster carpets are traditionally woven on looms and can be produced with intricate patterns and designs, like the one we installed on a customer’s staircase below.  They are also fitted in royal palaces, stately homes and luxury hotels around the world.

View of stairs fitted with a stripy, patterned wool Axminster carpet runner from the Quirky Stair Runners range in Tribe Passion.

Manufacturers often blend wool and manmade fibres for the perfect mix of benefits.  They offer 80/20 wool/nylon mixes, which provide superior stain resistance, options for dyeing and reduced cost when compared with 100% wool.

Find out more

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