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Dec 9, 2021

Although now part of a larger group, Abingdon Flooring can trace its roots back over 50 years when founder John Viney worked with Shaw Carpets of Darton in Barnsley.  His family started to produce their own carpet in the 1960s using a single tufting machine and Abingdon Carpets was born in 1967.  The family business was based in their factory in Barton Lane, Abingdon and they later expanded into South Wales, Kidderminster and the North and South of England, employing over 300 people.

Stainfree carpets since 1967

Abingdon developed their Stainfree brand in the late 1960s and it was the first bleach-cleanable carpet manufactured in the UK.  Abingdon continue to develop the range and use the latest no-stain technology to prevent food and drink spillages from entering the pile.  This means that the carpets can be cleaned quickly and easily to prevent long-term stains.  They back this up with a free lifetime guarantee which gives customers peace of mind that their carpet will continue to look good for its lifespan.

Abingdon’s Stainfree Collections

Abingdon’s Stainfree range has now expanded into 18 carpet collections, which include patterned designs as well as plain colourways.

They are all made from polypropylene which is an extremely durable fibre that can be cleaned with bleach.  It retains its colour really well and is fade resistant, so is perfect if you have a busy home, especially with young children or pets.

Many of Abingdon’s carpets feature a unique fleece backing which is great for noise and heat insulation as well as being super soft and stable.

Stainfree Wilton Collection

The Stainfree Wilton collection from Abingdon Flooring is a range of designs which include checks, floral and tartan patterns.  There are 26 colours in total which feature subtle shades of beige, grey, brown and blue and are suitable for heavy domestic and commercial traffic.

Here is an example from the Wilton collection, the Balmoral Harvest shade in browns, beige and creams.

A living room with white decor, brown sofa and soft furnishings and brown and cream checked carpet.

Stainfree Olympus Collection

The Stainfree Olympus collection features 12 fresh, plain colours including greys, beiges and a subtle green and blue.  The twist carpet has a deep pile, a fleece backing and a soft, plush feel which contributes to a high tog rating of 2.42.

The Olympus Collection is available in three widths; 2.5m, 4m and 5m, which is helpful for saving money and avoiding unnecessary cuts.

A living room with painted blue cupboard, dark blue sofa and grey carpet

Stainfree USA Pile Collection

Abingdon have developed a range of plain, saxony twist pile carpets under the USA Collection umbrella.  They are available in lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight options and all come in a range of neutral shades.  All carpets are really soft and luxurious with a fleece backing.

The Miami Collection from Abingdon’s Stainfree range is the heaviest and most luxurious of the weights available in the USA range and is backed by a 12-year wear warranty.

It is available in 14 neutral colours including the Platinum shade, shown here.

A living room with deep blue walls and sofa, with grey carpet.

The Dallas Collection is the middleweight of the USA range, made from a soft twist pile and available in a range of 14 neutral shades.  They range from the deep Ash Grey to the pale Ivory and Ice Cool. Stainfree Dallas carpets are available in three widths and have a 1.99 tog rating.  They are suitable for commercial and heavy domestic traffic and are backed by a 10-year wear warranty.

The New York Collection is the lightest weight and comes in the same chic, contemporary shades as the others in the USA range.

If you’re looking for a plain, long-lasting, stain resistant carpet then this collection is ideal and you can always ask Craig Sargeant if you’re not sure which style to go for. 

Stainfree Maximus Collection

The Maximus Collection from Abingdon Flooring is tough, dense and thick, and has the fleece backing which makes it lovely and soft.  It comes in 16 contemporary neutral shades, including the Chantilly shown below which is perfect for any room in the house.

Child's bedroom with single bed, pale pink walls, toys on the floor and pale pink carpet

Stainfree Ultra Collection

The Stainfree Ultra Collection is one of the most popular carpets in Abingdon’s range.  With its stain resistant properties, a fleece backing, it is suitable for commercial and heavy domestic use.  It comes in four widths and has a 1.33 tog rating.

It is suitable for use with underfloor heating and is available in 20 neutral shades.

Stainfree Twist Collection

The Twist Collection features some classic colours and has a 10-year wear warranty.  There’s something for everyone with 20 colours which include some colourful pastels as well as modern neutrals.  It is suitable for commercial and heavy domestic traffic and has a tog rating of 1.27.

Here it is in a living room in the French Grey shade.

Living room with grey decor and grey carpet.

Stainfree Style Collection

The Stainfree Style Collection is available in 12 grey and neutral beige shades.  It features a secondary backing which gives it dimensional stability and keeps the carpet yarns in place.

The Style range is suitable for domestic traffic and is available in three widths, from 2.5m to 5m.  Here is a lovely example, in the Manor House shade.

A bedroom with white walls and light beige carpet

Stainfree Tweed Collection

The Stainfree Tweed Collection is a unique design which isn’t completely plain, but has a subtle pattern which is available in deep reds, blues and greens as well as contemporary neutrals.

It has a fleece backing and is available in four widths.  It’s suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic so is perfect for a hallway, as shown below in the Steel City shade.

Hallway with white painted woodwork and grey textured carpet.

Stainfree Sophisticat Collection

The Sophisticat Collection from Abingdon’s Stainfree range includes some deep colours as well as their signature neutral shades.  It has a luxurious feel which is achieved using their Silk Tech PP yarn which gives a lovely soft finish.

It is shown below in the Jade colourway which works perfectly with the contemporary décor in this living room.

A living room with brick fireplace, blue sofa and pale green carpet.

Stainfree Satin Touch Collection

The Stainfree Satin Touch range comprises modern neutral shades which offer superb performance.  The Satin Touch carpets have a silky, soft feel and come in 16 colours, including the Crystal shown below.  They have a fleece backing and are suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use.

A bedroom with light cream walls, bed with brown soft furnishings and light grey carpet.

Stainfree Grande Collection

The Grande Collection from Abingdon’s Stainfree range is thick and deep pile, available in 12 contemporary shades.  It has a 1.76 tog rating, is available in three widths and is shown below in Ermine.

A living room lined with bookshelves painted grey, a grey couch and light grey carpet in an Ermine shade.

Stainfree Rustique Collection

The Rustique Stainfree Collection features three different carpet weights in its range.  The original Rustique is a lighter weight and can be fitted in any room.  It has rustic character and comes in 14 heathery neutral shades of greys and browns.

It has a 1.7 tog rating and comes in three widths.  It has a fleece backing and is suitable for commercial and heavy domestic use.

The room below is fitted with the Greystone shade using the original Rustique lightweight.

Living room with grey couch, blue soft furnishings and grey carpet.

The Rustique Deluxe collection is the heavier weight carpet from the Rustique range.  It’s a great, durable choice and is shown below in the Misty Grey colour.

Living room with patio doors leading to garden, light grey sofa and armchair and grey rustic carpet.

The Rustique Saxony Stainfree carpet is the heaviest weight from the Rustique collection, with the fullest quality.  It is a traditional Saxony carpet which is extremely durable, has a fleece backing and has a 2.01 tog rating.  It is shown below in the Silver Birch shade.

Living room with natural wood windows and skirting boards, grey couch, and rustic grey carpet.

Stainfree Country Life Collection

The Country Life Collection is a classic from the Stainfree range. It has a textured, finely flecked heathery pattern which is available in 14 colours.  It is available in three widths and has a 2.01 tog rating.  It is suitable for commercial and heavy domestic traffic and has a fleece backing.

It is shown below in the Walnut shade.

A living room with grey curtains, blue cushion and textured beige carpet.

Stainfree Arena Plus Collection

The Arena Plus Collection comes in a range of grey and beige neutral colours and has a secondary backing.  It is suitable for domestic use and comes in three widths.

It would work really well in any room and is shown below in the Cool Beige shade.

A bedroom with neutral decor, teak coloured drawers and light beige carpet.

Other Abingdon ranges

As well as its signature Stainfree collections, Abingdon offer the Love Story and Wilton carpet ranges.

Love Story Range

Love Story has Deep Feelings, Lasting Romance and Secret Affair collections.  They are made from polyester and have Stainfree properties as well as a fleece backing and high tog rating of 2.66.

The room below is fitted with Lasting Romance in the Truffle shade.

A living room with blue sofa and grey stainfree carpet

Wilton Range

The Wilton range features five collections; the Royal Charter Deluxe, Royal Charter, Balmoral Deluxe, Balmoral and New Royal Windsor.

These carpets are made from a wool and wool blend and the deluxe collections have a high quality 50oz weight to provide more protection against flattening and compression.

They are extremely durable and come with a 10-year wear warranty.

The hallway and stairs below are fitted with the sumptuous Royal Charter Deluxe in Cardinal Red.

A hallway with white decor and deep red Wilton carpet on the stairs and floor.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the high-performance Abingdon Flooring carpets then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Carpets a call.  He will be able to advise on which collection would work for your home and budget. 

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email sales@sargeantcarpets.co.uk or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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