Adam Carpets : Supplier Spotlight

Mar 22, 2021

Adam Carpets are a family business based in Kidderminster and they have been making carpets since the 1860s.  They started manufacturing woven Axminster in 1869 and moved into tufting in the 1970s when the traditional methods became less popular. 

Adam Carpets’ Fine Worcester Twist carpet is a flagship product and the firm have continually invested in new machinery at their midlands base.  Adam Carpets use the finest British and New Zealand wool, and all dyeing is done on-site.  The range of colours they produce is vast, and it means they can also manufacture bespoke colourways for contract orders.


Adam Carpets are committed to sustainability and have reduced their landfill waste by 60%.  They have installed new energy-efficient boilers in their dye house to reduce fuel usage and they recycle as much of their waste as possible.

At Sargeant Carpets we carefully select the suppliers we use, based on the quality of their product, and we are delighted to recommend Adam Carpets to customers. 

Moth resistance

Adam Carpets use the best method for dyebath application of an insect-resisting agent for their plain coloured yarns.  This applies an even treatment in sufficient quantity to kill moth and beetle larvae when they’ve ingested even a small amount of the fibre.  The treatment also kills dust mites.

As the heather and berber blend yarns are supplied by a third party and not dyed by Adam Carpets themselves they are unable to offer a moth proofing guarantee.   This is because they don’t have absolute certainty that all elements within the yarn have been treated with the required insect-resistant agent. 

If you’d like to find out more about insect damage to carpets then read our mothproofing tips article.

The Adam Carpets ranges includes plains, stripes and heathers, so there’s plenty of choice.   This Supplier Spotlight gives you the lowdown on each range and how they can be used in your home.

Castlemead Twist

The Castlemead Twist range is one of our most popular, and is the original ‘hard twist’ carpet.  Made from British wool, this is an extremely durable carpet and there are an incredible 60 colours to choose from.  These include traditional shades as well as colourways reflecting the latest trends, including Cornflower Blue, Raspberry Sorbet and Wiltshire Heather. 

Bedroom fitted with Adam Carpets green carpet in the Adams Apple shade
Castlemead Twist carpet in Adams Apple

It is available in both 4m and 5m widths, and has a 42oz pile weight.

Fine Worcester Twist

Adam Carpets’ Fine Worcester Twist is well known in the carpet industry for its quality, style and colour.  It was first manufactured in 1991 and is made to the highest specification for a domestic twist carpet.  It almost has a billiard table finish, is available in 65 colours and 4m and 5m widths.

Living room fitted with a vibrant blue carpet from the Fine Worcester Twist range by Adam Carpets
Adam Carpets’ Fine Worcester Twist in Belbroughton Blue

Fine Upland Twist

The Fine Upland Twist is manufactured using a ‘superfine’ yarn on a twin needle bar tufting machine.  This creates the smoothest, softest finish with a 44oz pile weight and 18 classic colours including greens, greys and neutrals.

Kasbah Twist

The Kasbah Twist is a unique product in the market.  It has a distinctive texture and is made from rugged, berber yarns.  It is available in 23 colours and comes in 4m and 5m widths. 

View of landing floor fitted with a wool Berber Fleck twist pile carpet from Adam Carpets' Kasbah Twist range in Kazan
One of our recent fittings of a Kasbah Twist in the Kazan shade


The Deckchair stripes are really fun, stylish and eye-catching, ideal for stair runners as well as rooms.  Made from a 2-ply twist and velvet yarn from the finest UK wool, they would brighten any home.  The Deckchair range includes six colourways, from bright stripes to grey and neutral shades.

Basket with wool and buttons on a stripy carpet from the Deckchair range by Adam Carpets
This is the Lulworth Cove shade from Adam’s Deckchair range

Castlemead Velvet Stripe

The Castlemead Velvet Stripe would work well anywhere in the home but is especially suited to stairs, thanks to its ‘mirror alignment’ which looks great on staircases.  Its 2-ply yarn is designed to resist pile reversal so it’s built to last.  It comes in six colourways which range from the monochrome Black Ice to the bright and cheerful Springtime shades.


The Pinstripe range features a fine stripe in modern colours and is made from the finest UK wool.  It is manufactured from a 2-ply twist and velvet yarn for fantastic durability in heavy traffic areas.  The six colour options include the neutral Portobello and brighter Trinity shades.

A view down stairs fitted with a stripy carpet from the Pinstripe range by Adam Carpets
This is the Trinity colourway from the Pinstripe range fitted on stairs

Kasbah Stripe

The Kasbah Stripe is a more subtle striped carpet, and is a blend of velvet and twist textures.  It is hardwearing and is designed to retain its appearance over time, thanks to the use of the finest 2-ply yarns in its manufacture.   It comes in six colourways which combine neutral shades with a splash of colour, for example a sky blue in the Nougat shade.


Adam Carpets’ Flare range is a new design and is a zig-zag patterned carpet which co-ordinates perfectly with some matching colours in the Castlemead Twist range.  It is available in ten vibrant colourways which would look stunning on stairs as well as living rooms.

A fan of carpet samples from the Flare range by Adam Carpets
The Flare range from Adam Carpets


The Panache range is made with a 2-ply velvet yarn for superb performance and comes in a variety of bright and cheerful colours.  There are six colourways to choose from including the multicoloured Boutique and the more neutral Frappuccino.  This carpet really makes a statement, whether it’s used in a room or on a flight of stairs.

View of stairs with wooden edges and blue, white and beige stripy carpet runner by Adam Carpets' Panache range in Zing colour (code PN03)Adam-Carpets-Panache-range-Zing-PN03)
We fitted the Panache on this flight of stairs and it looks beautiful

Rustic Berber

The Rustic Berber from Adam Carpets is a thick, textured twist carpet which is available in 12 shades.  The colours range from greys like Cardamom to beiges such as Allspice.  There is also the vibrant Paprika and the warm Cinnamon shades.

Pure Brit

The Pure Brit range is manufactured from undyed wool which has been sourced from British farmers.  This range has sound eco-friendly credentials as it is wholly made in the UK and will only be sold here too.  It is available in 4m and 5m widths, in eight neutral shades, from the light Falstone to the darker Exford. 

Pure Brit Supreme

The Pure Brit Supreme range is again sourced in the UK, and boasts a softer feel due to being made on a wider gauge machine.  The high-density pile feels soft and luxurious underfoot and it is available in eight natural colours.


The Florentine range is a patterned carpet which is made from tufting a pattern onto a plain carpet.  The finish is extremely high quality and would rival similar woven carpets, for a fraction of the price.  There is a choice of six colours which all feature the subtle, contrasting Florentine design.


The Inspirations range is another patterned carpet which is made from the finest 2-ply British wool.  It is extremely durable so is suitable for commercial as well as domestic fittings.  It is made using an overtufting method and comes in 13 colours.  Each colour has three patterned options, a dotted pattern, a square design and a more rounded pattern design.


The Boulevard is another overtufted, patterned carpet, which offers superb quality at an affordable price.  It features a heavy 40oz pile weight and is available in ten colours.  Each colour features a contrasting two-colour pattern which is both subtle and stylish.


The Catherine carpet range from Adam Carpets features a more traditional pattern.  It is designed to be durable and retain its appearance, and comes with two different patterns.  One is a dot and the other is a trellis design, and they are each available in 11 colours.

A landing fitted with a moss green wool and nylon in velvet pindot, in an extra heavy domestic 2 ply yarn.
This is the Catherine Pindot in Moss Green that we fitted recently

Wyre Forest

The Wyre Forest range is a quality plain carpet which is made from berber yarns.  It features a 38oz pile weight and is made from 100% British wool.  It is available in 4m and 5m widths and 13 colours.


The Revelation range is a new concept and is perfect if you’d like a consistent colour theme throughout your home but don’t want to use exactly the same carpet in each room.  The colour schemes co-ordinate with each other and featured striped, tonal and twist options.  The carpet is made from twists and velvets to give a durable, stylish finish.

View of a dining room floor fitted with a domestic wool velvet patterened carpet treated with moth and dust mite repellant
This is the Revelation in Skimming Stones from our own portfolio of work

Carpet Advice

If you’d like to find out more about the Adam Carpets range and which might suit your home best then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Carpets a call.  He will be able to advise which would be ideal for your requirements and budget.  You can also see more of our recent installations on our Work Portfolio page.

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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