Westex Carpets : Supplier Spotlight

Jul 15, 2021

Westex Carpets are based in West Yorkshire and started as yarn suppliers.  They were founded by a master dyer who wanted to introduce more colours and quality into carpet manufacture.  They use the best blend of wools and create beautiful carpets using the latest spinning, dyeing and tufting processes.

Their carpets are exceptionally hardwearing, and the durability comes from using 2-fold and 3-fold yarns.  These produce a carpet which is highly resistant to crushing and daily wear and tear.  Their carpets are also easy to clean, with treatments applied to every range to resist stains, moths, pet smells, mould fungi, house mites and allergens.

As well as their extensive colour range, Westex also off a Special Dye Service to match any colour in your home or workplace.

Westex’s Environmental Commitment

Westex are committed to improving their environmental performance and maximise recycling of raw materials, reducing waste and reusing as much as possible.  They use renewable energy sources and support suppliers who meet their new environmental policy.

Westex’s carpet waste is recycled into high quality underlay, and they also recycle cardboard, paper, metal and wood waste.

Carpet Visualiser

Westex’s website features a Carpet Visualiser.  The visualiser lets you pick the room, wall colour and carpet range, and then shows you what it could look like.   There are bedrooms, living rooms and halls to choose from, and you can select the carpet colour to see what looks good.

Ultima Twist Range

Westex’s Ultima Twist range comes in five different qualities; Pinnacle, Crest, Major, Ultima and Penultima.  The Pinnacle quality is 11.5mm thick and has a tuft density of 161,200 per m² and the Penultima is 7.5mm thick and has a density of 105,400 per m². 

The Ultima Twist is made from a premium wool blend, with 80% wool and 20% nylon for improved durability and recovery.  It is a two-fold tufted cut pile, and the colour range is vast, with 120 colours to choose from.  It is suitable for underfloor heating, for both domestic and commercial settings and comes in five widths, from one metre to five metres.

We fitted the Ultima Twist on the hall, stairs and landing in this home.  It is the Major quality level in Antique Gold.

View down a staircase fitted with gold coloured wool/nylon pile moth proof carpet.

And here is another of our jobs, the Ultima Twist in the Crest quality level, in the Oasis Green shade.

An empty bedroom fitted with a grey/green wool and nylon twist pile carpet.

Silken Velvet

The Silken Velvet range from Westex Carpets is a luxury option, with a beautiful appearance and unrivalled comfort underfoot.  Its two-fold yarn helps prevent crushing and pile reversal and it includes nylon fibre for a super-soft finish.  It is suitable for heavy commercial and domestic use, and is perfect if you have underfloor heating.

The Silken Velvet range features three quality levels; Debonair, Chic and Vogue.  The Debonair is 13mm thick with a tuft density of 282,721 per m² and the Vogue is 10mm thick with a density of 267,841 per m².

There are 40 colours to choose from and it is available in five widths to help reduce waste and costs.

A bedroom with a white bed frame, bedside table and pink curtains, fitted with a grey Silken Velvet from Westex Carpet.

Natural Loop Range

The Briar Natural Loop range by Westex Carpet is a high quality, three-fold yarn which is made form 100% wool.  It has a mixed height loop which is natural, renewable and extremely durable.  It is suitable for all domestic areas and heavy commercial settings. 

The range comes in three distinctive looped patterns, the Bouclé, Briar and Cable.  All styles are available in 15 plain neutral colours, and five duo designs.

Briar Natural Loop carpets have a slightly lower pile than the Silken Velvet and Ultima Twist ranges, at 8mm total thickness. 

Here is the Briar fitted in a bedroom, in the Shingle shade from the duo colour range.

A bedroom with grey decor fitted with a Briar carpet from Westex Carpets.

Westend Velvet

The Westend Velvet collection is a luxurious carpet that is supremely comfortable underfoot and extremely stylish.  It is available in three styles; Supreme, Prestige and Westend.  They range from an 11mm thickness for the Westend to 12.5mm for the Supreme.  The Westend has a tuft density of 120,900 per m² and the Supreme’s density is 170,500 per m².

Made from 80% wool, 20% nylon, there are a huge 89 shades to choose from, including neutrals, reds, greens and purples.

A living room with dark blue painted wood walls, a dark sofa and gold coloured carpet from the Westend Velvet range by Westex Carpets.

Pure Luxury Wool

The Pure Luxury Wool range is made from 100% premium wool and is a high quality, sumptuous carpet.  It is made from two-fold tufted yarn and is suitable for all domestic areas and heavy commercial use. 

It is available in three quality styles; Opulence, Troika, Tundra.  The Opulence style has a deep 16.5mm thickness, and 161,200 tuft density per m².  The Tundra’s total thickness is 10.5mm and it has a 164,300 per m² density.

All three quality styles are available in 12 neutral shades.

A stylish living room with neutral decor and a pure wool carpet by Westex Carpets.

Here is a recent installation of the Pure Luxury Wool range for one of our customers.

Ivory wool carpet fitted on stairs and landing over Elegance high density PU foam underlay

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the Westex Carpets range then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Carpets a call.  He will be able to advise which would be ideal for your home and budget. 

Our work portfolio includes many different styles from all our suppliers.

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email sales@sargeantcarpets.co.uk or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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