Ulster Carpets : Supplier spotlight

Jun 1, 2021

Ulster Carpets is a family business which was founded in 1938 by George Walter Wilson.  Their base is still on the original site in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, but they also have offices around the world. 

Ulster Carpets produce a huge range of different styles which cover classic designs as well as modern styles.  They developed a unique way of weaving, a technology called PYSLO, and continue to research new techniques in weaving and dyeing.

We took a closer look at the different ranges to see what they have to offer and showcase some of the beautiful carpets we have fitted for Ulster Carpets.

Anatolia Range

Ulster Carpets’ Anatolia range of patterned carpets have a traditional Persian design, of interlacing medallions.


Furnished bedroom fitted with Anatolia carpet

The carpets are a woven Axminster in 80% wool, 20% nylon and are suitable for extra heavy wear.  They also have a high tog rating of 1.7 so are perfect for reducing noise.  They are available in 13 colourways and a range of widths including runners.

Athenia Range

The Athenia Range by Ulster Carpets is a traditional woven Axminster which is inspired by Ancient Greecian designs.  The range features motif and pindot patterns and comes in black, blue, green, red and wine colourways for each design. 

Closeup of the Athenia patterned carpet by Ulster Carpets

With a range of widths from a runner of 0.91m to 4.57m, it is suitable for heavy wear.

Blossom Range

The Ulster Carpets’ Blossom range offers a traditional leaf pattern in two colourways, Camellia and Opal.  It is another woven Axminster in 80% wool, 20% nylon which is suitable for heavy wear.

Closeup of a beige patterned blossom carpet from Ulster Carpets

Boho Collection

The Boho Collection is a contemporary Axminster with six different designs.  They range from the funky Tribe zigzag design to the classic Chic dogtooth style. 

The Boho range is an 80% wool, 20% nylon carpet which is suitable for heavy domestic use.  You can combine it with the plain carpets in the Heritage Twist range to create a co-ordinated look throughout your home.

Here is one of the Hemingway carpets we fitted, using the Moon Shimmer colourway.  The herringbone pattern looks great and it comes in two other neutral shades.

Bedroom with brightly coloured leaf design wallpaper and Axminster carpet with herringbone design in neutral colours


The Braeburn range are a collection of traditional plaid, checked patterns in subtle colours which include green, red and turquoise shades.

Another woven Axminster in 80% wool and 20& nylon it has a tog rating of 1.7 and is suitable for extra heavy wear.

Here is an example from the Braeburn range, in the Forge colourway.

A checked Braeburn carpet in a living room

Country House Collection

The Country House Collection is another plaid patterned carpet and the range is designed to have timeless appeal with subtle tones and comes in ten colourways.

A woven Axminster, the Country House carpets are for extra heavy wear and made from 80% wool and 20% nylon.

This is the Cairn colourway from the Country House Collection.

A hallway fitted with a Cairn checked carpet

Fusion Collection

The Fusion Collection features some striking patterns which would look great in your home or in a commercial setting.  It is extremely hardwearing and designed for heavy commercial use or extra heavy domestic traffic.

It is mothproofed and comes in a 4 metre width and has a tog rating of 1.75.

There are three ranges within the Fusion Collection; Tone, Sonic and Reverb.

Tone Range

The Tone range features a checked design in five colourways; Marquee, Alloy (shown below), Tungsten, Electric and Denim.

Sonic Range

The Sonic range is a geometric design comes in the same five colourways as the Tone.  It is shown in the Alloy colour below.


The Reverb is a chevron design and also comes in the Marquee (shown below), Alloy, Tungsten, Electric and Denim.

A zigzag carpet in a living room from the Reverb range by Ulster Carpets

Glenavy Range

The Ulster Carpets’ Glenavy range is a range of traditional patters which include floral and geometric designs.  They are inspired by Persian rugs and are a woven Axminster which is suitable for heavy wear.

This is the Persian Garden design from the Glenavy range.

A closeup persian carpet design from Ulster Carpets

Glendun Range

The Glendun range is another traditional patterned carpet designed to include opulent swirls and florals.

It is made from woven Axminster and comes in five different widths including a runner of 0.91m.

Glenmoy Range

The Glenmoy is a traditional woven Axminster which is one of Ulster Carpets’ longest standing ranges.  It is suitable for extra heavy domestic wear and features plaids which are reminiscent of Celtic tartans as well as Persian designs.

The plaid design below is the Douglas colourway from the Glenmore collection.

Grange Wilton

The Grange Wilton is a plain range includes greys, beiges, reds and greens with a huge choice of 40 colours.

It is a woven Wilton which is  made from 80% wool, 20% nylon and uses plain and heather yarns to produce a quality finish.

It comes in five widths which results in less waste, is suitable for extra heavy domestic wear and achieves a 1.5 tog rating.

We fitted the Grange Wilton by Ulster Carpets in this home, where you can see the Spelt colourway looking perfect on the stairs and landing.

View down stairs with a beige carpet by Ulster Carpets from their Grange Wilton range in Spelt.

Habitus Collection

The Habitus Collection from Ulster Carpets is inspired by Danish design and features contemporary patterns and neutral colours.  The range includes distinctive patterns and sophisticated colours which give a deluxe finish.

Every carpet is fire safe and made from natural, durable, premium materials.  It is moth resistant and offers a choice of modern, neutral colours.

It comes in four designs; Urban, Rustik, Croft and Strond. 


Urban is a loop pile made from 100% wool which is suitable for heavy wear.  It has a chevron design and comes in a range of neutral colours from the pale Air (shown below) to the darker Smoke shade.

A closeup zigzag carpet from the Urban range by Ulster Carpets


Rustik is another geometric pattern, this time inspired by chunky knitted Aran sweaters.  It is a loop pile made from 100% wool and comes in five widths including a 1m which is perfect for stair runners.

Closeup of the Rustik patterned carpet in grey by Ulster Carpets


Croft is a 100% British / New Zealand wool loop pile carpet which comes in ten berber shades.

It creates a natural finish with a mix of plain and heathered yarns. 

A bedroom fitted with the Croft carpet by Ulster Carpets


Strond is inspired by the Scandinavian coast and is a subtle ribbed pattern with a nautical theme.  It is made from 100% wool and suitable for heavy wear.

A living room fitted with the Strond carpet, with windows overlooking the ocean

Natural Choice Axminster Range

The Natural Choice range is designed to minimise the impact on the environment.  It is made from 100% natural undyed wool which is blended from different sheep breeds.  Ulster have complete control of the manufacturing process, and are able to create a carpet of the highest quality as a result.

The designs are inspired by nature and can be co-ordinated with plains from the Natural Choice Plains collection.

The Axminster designs includes traditional and modern patterns in neutral shades, including the Batik shown below.

Natural Choice Plains

The Natural Choice Plains collection is designed to complement other carpets in the Ulster Carpets range. 

It comes in six neutral shades which are made from 100% wool in a woven Wilton construction.  The Natural Choice Plains are suitable for heavy wear and have a 1.5 tog rating.

The shade below is the Alpaca colourway.

Closeup of a beige carpet in the Alpaca shade

Open Spaces Collection

The Open Spaces collection from Ulster Carpets has three ranges, Monaco, Panama and Dubai.  These are all made from 100% wool, in a loop pile and suitable for heavy wear.

The Monaco and Panama ranges have a 1.0 tog rating the Dubai is a 1.6 tog rating.

Monaco Range

The Monaco is a subtle stripe which comes in six colourways including the Gallery colour below.

A living room table with 100% wool carpet from the Monaco range.

Panama Range

The Panama range a luxurious range which is extremely soft to the touch.  It is suitable for under floor heating and is made from 100% New Zealand wool.

Here is the Panama in the Quicksilver colour.

Dubai Range

The Dubai range from the Open Spaces Collection is a superior, luxurious carpet which is available in 13 neutral colours.

Here is a Dubai carpet in the Echo colour.

Open Spaces Laneve Collection

The Open Spaces Laneve Collection comprises the Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington Stripe ranges.  Ulster Carpets developed the collection working with Wools of New Zealand to produce a 100% wool tufted carpet.  Their farmers are committed to meeting high environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards.


This is a dense loop pile texture which is soft, warm and contemporary.  It has plain rib patterns and is highly durable and comes in five widths.

Here is the Auckland in the Concrete shade.


The Queenstown range is another from the Open Spaces Laneve range which is suitable for heavy wear.  It comes in 15 neutral colourways which range from a dark furnace black to the paler Crystal Beige.

Here is the Queenstown in the Nova shade.

A dining room carpet fitted with the Queenstown pattern.

Wellington Stripe

The Wellington Stripe range is a narrow stripe in four colourways.  It is available in five widths, is suitable for heavy wear and has a tog rating of 1.2.

Here is the Wellington Stripe in the Reed colourway. 

A living room with interconnecting doors open to reveal a striped carpet from the Wellington Stripe collection

Rug Bindings

Ulster Carpets offer a bespoke service to create a unique rug for your home.

You can choose a carpet from any of their collections for your rug and Ulster will combine it with a complementary border from the Rug Bindings range.

The possibilities are endless and you can choose a stripe, plaid, pattern or other combination.


Ulster have produced a guide to rugs and runners which gives tips on styling the rug, getting the right size and the colours available for the border.

Sheriden Range

The Sheridan Range from Ulster Carpets is a woven Axminster made from 80% wool, 20% nylon.  It is suitable for extra heavy wear and has a tog rating of 1.5.

There are three main designs in the Sheriden Range, the Cameo which is a pindot combined with a floral circular design, a pure Pindot, and a Runner.

These designs are available in shades of cream, beige, red and blue, with the Royal Blue designs shown as examples below (left to right Cameo, Pindot and Runner.


The Tazmin range is another where there are three main styles comprising a Motif, Pindot and Runner in reds, greens, beiges and greys.  It is a woven Axminster which is suitable for heavy wear with a tog rating of 1.7.

Here are the designs in the Forest green colourway (left to right Motif, Pindot and Runner).


The Terraen Collection is inspired by natural surfaces in urban and rural settings.  They are designed in neutral shades for modern, calm interiors without overt patterns.

The ranges within the Terraen Collection offer a luxurious finish from a tufted carpet with a 1.5 tog rating.  They are suitable for under floor heating and are moth resistant.  They come in four widths, and are suitable for general wear.


The Berg range from the Terraen Collection is a level cut loop which features a geometric pattern.

Here is an example of the Berg in the Kaffe colourway.


The Front range is a level cut loop which features a leaf pattern.  It has a luxurious finish and can be seen below in the Kaffe shade.

A living room carpet with a subtle leaf pattern


The Lenke range is a level cut loop made from 80% wool and 20% nylon.  It features a geometric design which is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. 

Here is the Lenke carpet by Ulster Carpets in Krem.

A bedroom carpet with a grey patterned carpet


The Nomad range is a subtle leaf and paisley design which is made from a level cut loop.  Here it is shown in the Kaffe shade.

A living room floor with a grey carpet from the Nomad range by Ulster Carpets


The Oska range is an organic design which is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon in a level cut loop. 

It is shown in the Krem shade below.

Grey patterned carpet from the Oska range by Ulster Carpets


The Ryg range is a loop pile made from 80% wool and 20% nylon and is available in five neutral colours including the Krem, shown below.

The Mix Collection

The Ulster Carpets’ Mix Collection is specifically designed for commercial applications, particularly the international hospitality industry.  They are all Axminster carpets made from an 80% wool, 20% nylon mix.  The range complements Ulster’s plain, woven Axminster and Wilton collections.

The collection comprises eight contemporary designs which are all available in 4 metre widths.  They are all available for extra heavy domestic wear or heavy contract wear.


Bloom is a bold, floral design which comes in three colours, Serenity, Mystique and Moonlight (shown below).

A commercial dining room with tables laid for service and a floral carpet by Ulster Carpets.


The Contour range features a two-colour swirl design and comes in three colourways.  These are Taupe (shown below), Fossil and Graphite.

A dining table and chairs on a swirly taupe carpet.


The Crackle range comprises two colourways for a dual-colour pattern.  One colour is Mole, the other is the Cranberry, shown below.


The Freedom range features a random, swirl design using two contrasting colours.  It comes in three colourways, Ash, Slate and Oyster (shown below).

A brown crackle-design carpet from the Mix collection by Ulster Carpet


The Shimmer range features a striped design in three colourways, a neutral Drift, a red Cherry and the purple Mulberry shown below.

A distinctive purple carpet in a hallway


The Silhouette design features leaves and stems and comes in the Dusk colourway shown below.

A bar with tables and chairs and a patterned carpet in shades of brown


Strata range comes in two colours, the lighter Stone (shown below) and a darker Buffalo shade.

Swirl Range

The Swirl Range within The Mix Collection comes in four colourways including the Berry shown below. 

Ulster Velvet

The Ulster Velvet range is one of the most established and well loved from Ulster Carpets.  It has a smooth, rich and velvety texture and is a tightly-woven Wilton carpet.

Colours range from delicate neutrals through to rich reds, blues and greens.  It is suitable for extra heavy wear and has a tog rating of 1.5.  It is moth resistant and easy to clean.

A living room with a velvet carpet in a neutral colour

Vescent Collection

The Vescent Collection by Ulster Carpets is designed for the international hospitality industry and is suitable for extra heavy domestic wear and heavy contract wear.

It is an Axminster carpet with an 80% wool, 20% nylon mix. 

It comprises six contemporary ranges, shown below.


The bold, geometric Arbor range is available in three colourways, Elixir, Alloy and Obi (shown below).

A geometric patterned carpet from the Vescent range shown in a hotel bar with tables and chairs


CALX comes in three colours, the Alumina (shown below), Mineral and Oxide.

A patterned carpet in blues and neutrals shown with a chair and sideboard


The Linea range from the Vescent collection features a two-colour geometric pattern and comes in five colourways.

It is available in Cadmium, Citrine, Ignis (shown below), Quartz and Zinc.

A commercial two-tone carpet in grey with a red geometric pattern on


The Nebula range is a subtle pattern and available in five colours; Asphalt, Mica, Ochre (shown below), Salt and Zaffre.

A yellow penny farthing in the background with a brown carpet from the Vescent range by Ulster Carpets


The Nexus range from the Vescent Collection comes in three colours, Chroma, Pewter (shown below) and Onyx.

A closeup of a carpet in a brown/grey pewter colour with a subtle darker pattern


The Vapor range comes in just two colours, the Haar and Ebony (shown below).


The Watercolours Collection features two ranges, Amulet and Mineral.  They offer a deluxe finish using sophisticated colours.  There is a wide choice of colours, and this is a quality product which offers greater stability, is easy to clean and moth resistant.

Watercolours carpets are made from 80% wool, 20% nylon woven Axminsters which are suitable for extra heavy wear and have a tog rating of 1.7.


The Amulet range features a subtle design where textures are layered over a classic design.  There are eight colourways, Celeste, Savannah, Seaglass, Alchemy, Ombre, Brimstone and Ocean (shown below).

A bedroom including bed and bedside table with a pale patterned carpet.


The Mineral range within the Watercolours Collection features a soft pattern in eight colours.  These are Alchemy, Azores, Brimstone, Celeste, Ombre, Savannah (shown below), Seaglass, Zenith.

A living room with table, chair and sideboard on a green patterned carpet.

York Wilton

The Ulster Carpets York Wilton range is a mix of plain and heather colours and is available in a diverse choice of colours and five widths from 1 metre to 5 metres.  It is suitable for extra heavy wear and has a tog rating of 1.5. 

Here is a York Wilton from Ulster Carpets that we fitted locally, in Sahara.

View of a flight of stairs fitted with a light brown woven Wilton carpet in 80% wool and 20% nylon pile. Extra heavy domestic quality, moth proofed.

Carpet Advice

If you’d like to find out more about the Ulster Carpets collections then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Carpets a call.  He will be able to advise which would be ideal for your home and budget.  You can also see more of our recent installations on our Work Portfolio page.

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email sales@sargeantcarpets.co.uk or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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