Victoria Carpets : Supplier Spotlight

Nov 23, 2022

Victoria Carpets has a rich history which goes back to 1895 when it was founded in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.  It moved to the epicentre of the carpet weaving industry, Kidderminster, in 1900 and has since expanded and relocated to Yorkshire and South Wales.

Victoria was granted a Royal Warrant in 2013 after carpeting the Royal households for a number of years, and supplied the stunning red carpet used in Westminster Abbey for the wedding of William and Catherine, now Prince and Princess of Wales.

Craig Sargeant is a huge fan of Victoria Carpets, particularly some of their new ranges, and has fitted their carpets for many local jobs.

We wanted to share the Victoria Carpets collections for customers to view online.  If you want to compare the technical specifications, then you can do that via their website.  Craig is always on hand for advice, so do get in touch via WhatsApp or call him on 01243 868888 if you have any questions about which Victoria Carpets range would work best for your requirements.

Natureborn Collection

Victoria Carpets’ Natureborn Collection features wool and wool-mix carpets which use the best of traditional materials with modern manufacturing techniques.  They pride themselves on the outstanding quality and finish provided by all the Natureborn carpets.

Burford Twist

The Burford Twist is a cut pile range which is made of 80% wool, 10% polypropylene and 10% melt.  Meltbond is a yarn and spinning system which improves carpet performance, minimising fluffing, reducing shedding and enhancing the long-term appearance of the carpet. 

It is mothproof and there are two qualities available; the 40oz Burford Twist Super and 50oz Burford Twist Elite.  Burford is available in subtle heather shades of grey, beige, brown and a dark blue.

Living room with sideboard, armchair, woodburning stove, white walls and dark grey cut pile carpet.


The Frontier carpet from Victoria Carpets is 100% natural wool and is a rustic loop pile which is available in 14 colours.  There are seven plain shades and seven complimentary stripes, all in earthy tones.  Frontier is moth proof and 10th gauge which gives it a luxurious finish.

Living room with desk and chairs with grey wool loop pile carpet.

Habberley Classic

Victoria Carpets’ Habberley Classic carpet is a tufted loop pile, manufactured using 70% wool, 30% Tencel.  Tencel is a recycled fibre which is regenerated from wood pulp and is a sustainable material, one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available.  Tencel provides excellent resilience and silky-looking carpets.

Living room with white sofa, single armchair and modern fireplace with grey tufted loop pile carpet.

Habberley Herringbone

The Habberley Herringbone is a recent addition to the Habberley range and is woven in a diagonal loop design.  It is available in the same colours as the others in the Habberley collection, so it is just a matter of personal taste for which pattern design you prefer.

Bedroom with double bed, woodburning stove and grey herringbone carpet.

Habberley Ridge

The final carpet in the Habberley range is the Habberley Ridge.  It features a tight tufted loop pile with the same 70% wool, 30% Tencel construction as the others in this range.  Its pile weight is 44oz and is suitable for heavy domestic or general contract wear.

Living room area with dining table and chairs and grey woven loop carpet.

Compare Habberley Classic, Herringbone and Ridge piles

You can compare the Habberley pile designs below, l-r Classic, Herringbone, Ridge

Natural Co-Ordinates

The Natural Co-Ordinates range from Victoria Carpets features plain and striped 100% wool loop carpets, in complementary shades.  This range is suitable for heavy traffic areas in your home, is available in 15 plain colours and 6 co-ordinating stripes.

Closeup of carpeted floor at the bottom of a flight of stairs, the stairs have a striped carpet and the floor has a plain co-ordinating grey wool loop carpet.

Royal Velvet

Victoria Carpets have redesigned their Royal Victoria range to launch the new Royal Velvet.  Offering a natural, luxurious finish the Royal Velvet boasts a 50oz pile weight and is made from 100% wool.

It is available in 20 shades, featuring classic browns, greys and beige neutrals.

Hallway with sheep figurines and a grey velvet carpet.

Sisal Weave

Victoria Carpets’ Sisal Weave range is extremely durable and is made from 100% wool.  It comes in two patterns, Classic which features a linear design and Style which features a diamond. 

You can see the Classic design on the left and Style on the right, in the Barley shade.

Large hallway with metal radiator and sand coloured sisal weave carpet.

Strathmore Berber

The Strathmore Berber is an 80% wool, 10% acrylic and 10% polypropylene mix which makes it extremely resilient and suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic.   It is available in 45oz and 55oz options, with the 55oz being 2mm thicker than the 45oz and boasting a 1.8 tog rating compared with 1.5.

It is available in 10 colourways and the Berber style has contrasting flecks of different coloured yarns to create a unique design.

A child's bedroom with pink canopy over bed, distressed painted chest of drawers and berber ivory coloured carpet.

Tudor Twist Classic, Regal and Stripe

Tudor Twist is one of the most popular ranges by Victoria Carpet and is available in 36 colours, in 40oz, 50oz and 60oz options.

It is an extremely hardwearing 100% wool loop carpet, with the 60oz pile weight being suitable for extra heavy traffic in the home.

Here is an example of the Tudor Twist in Cool Ivory fitted by Craig Sargeant’s team on a stunning spiral staircase in a domestic property.

View down a spiral staircase fitted with a beige carpet by Victoria Carpets from their Tudor Twist range in cool ivory.

As well as the plain shades, there is the Tudor Twist Stripe which is designed to co-ordinate with the others in the range and comes in 6 colourways.

A hallway with desk and chair, and striped wool loop striped carpet on the stairs.

Easicare Collection

If you need a practical, stylish quality carpet then the Easicare range is perfect for you.  The carpets are manufactured using polypropylene which gives a lovely, soft finish which is stain resistant and bleach cleanable.

This collection is perfect for busy households and all the carpets in the range are hypoallergenic.

Easicare Aura 2022

Easicare Aura 2022 is the new and improved version of the popular Aura and is available in 16 shades including neutrals as well as pinks, purples and golds.

Living room with wooden chairs, occasional table with candlesticks and flowers and beige easicare carpet.

First Impressions

First Impressions is an elegant and soft carpet which is available in 16 plain shades.  It has a 63oz pile weight and is a tufted twist style.  It is highly durable and suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic and general contract traffic.

Living room with olive painted walls, leather sofas, woodburning stove and grey tufted twist carpet.

Freedom and Freedom Xtra

The Freedom range from Victoria Carpets is a 38oz weight and the Freedom Xtra is 50oz.  Both carpets are extremely durable and feature the same stain resistances as all the Easicare carpets do.

Child's bedroom with bed, chair, toys and small window. Grey/mauve easicare carpet and spotted curtains.

Heartland and Heartland Ultra

Victoria Carpets’ Heartland and Heartland Ultra ranges feature 16 neutral plain shades which is 100% polypropylene, bleach cleanable and stain resistant.  It is extremely practical and comes in 47oz and 70oz pile weights, both of which are suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic.

Living room with dark grey armchair and sofa with grey polypropylene carpet.

Heartland Heathers

Heartland Heathers is another stain-resistant practical yet luxurious carpet from Victoria Carpets.  It is made from a two-ply yarn and comes in 12 contemporary colourways.

Living room with two sofas and an armchair with fireplace in the background. Windows overlook trees and there is a grey carpet.

Ultimate Expressions

The Ultimate Expressions range is available in 20 heathered shades, and is made from 100% polypropylene 2 ply, 10th gauge yarn.  It is suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic and general contract wear.  It is 17mm thick and has a tog rating of 1.56.

A living room with grey Easicare carpet and sofa.

Ultimate Impressions

Victoria Carpets’ Ultimate Impressions range is its thickest, heaviest carpet in the Easicare range, boasting a huge 80oz pile weight and 17mm total thickness.  It is available in 20 neutral shades of gold, grey and beige.

Bedroom with white walls, grey furniture, wooden bed and grey easicare carpet.

Luxuria Range

Victoria Carpets’ Luxuria Range won an award at the 2020 Flooring Innovation Awards and is their first 6.6 100% nylon carpet.  It features a deep cut pile, matt finish and is extremely resilient yet soft underfoot.  It has a 75oz pile weight and is available in 36 plain shades.

Living room with large grey sofa, small cream armchair and 2 large windows with white curtains. There is a velvet carpet in a gunmetal grey/blue colour.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about any of the Victoria Carpets ranges then give Craig Sargeant at Sargeant Carpets a call.  He will be able to advise on which collection would work for your home and budget. 

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email or use the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website to send a message from your phone or PC.

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